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Selling a home, no matter what type of situation, is all about having the right protocol in place that maximizes sales price, is time efficient and organized. If you are thinking of selling, you will need to sit down and discuss the different methods which will best fit your needs, and goals.
 Commitment, Organization and Attention to detail
 Availability- this is a fast paced market and you need a hungry agent that is ready at all times
 Experience and knowledge about the market and housing trends.
 A marketing plan for today’s market.Today buyers have many tools to assist them while searching for real estate.The internet – including social media, one of the biggest buyer search aids, and your property needs to be fully exposed to this venue of media.
 Full service performance including:
Preparing the home for sale
Use of a professional Interior Designer (relative to seller needs)
Professional photographs – MLS now allows 25 total photos
Sotheby's International marketing and Exposure
250 brochures sent to 250 neighbors for word of mouth advertising
High quality description of the property on the MLS
Open houses
Contract negotiations
Escrow management
Transaction management
Access to millions of potential home buyers both national and international through our prestigious marketing resources

When a seller goes to price his/her property, they are faced with a decision; and that decision is:  “Where should I price my property, if I want it to sell quickly?”  This is one of the biggest concerns, because a buyer will buy the home around the corner for less money if the home fits most of the buyer’s needs (principal of substitution).
 Today’s market has a variety of sellers including Traditional sellers holding equity in their home, Short sellers, Bank Owned foreclosure, REO (real estate owned)
possible position at Education in any market is key, especially in todays market.   It is important to analyze the housing cycle, and local market conditions in order to structure a system which will benefit a seller and get top dollar; our goal is to put you in the best close. 
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